How Long Does Delta-8-THC Stay In Your System?

How Long Does Delta 8 THC Stay in your System

For those interested in Delta-8-THC, we are well aware that you may have a list of questions to unpack, and fortunately, we’re here to answer them. The cannabinoid is rather new to many of you, yet it has been used and scientists have been researching it for years. One of the most common questions we see from people is how long Delta-8-THC stays in your system.

It is a very valid question since Delta-8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Though it does have less potent effects than its close relative, Delta-9-THC, that doesn’t mean Delta-8 won’t stay in your system as long and certainly doesn’t mean you won’t fail a drug test. Though the two are chemical compounds, they have a similar structure and offer many of the same characteristics, making them close in relation.

How Long Does Delta-8-THC Stay In Your System?

How Long Does Delta 8 THC Stay in your System

It truly depends on what method you are using to identify the THC. If it is a blood test, THC will remain in your blood for up to two days. If it is a saliva test, THC will remain in your saliva until you swallow fully, which can last up to two days. If it is a urine test, THC can remain in your urine for up to 48 days. However, the length that THC remains in your system can differ depending on how often you use it. For instance, if it is a urine test and you’ve used THC only once, it can last up to eight days, four days use can last up to 18 days, and six days can last up to 48 days.

What Are The Effects of Delta-8-THC?

The psychoactive properties are reported to enhance your mood and put you in somewhat of a happy place. Users have reported to have a mild case of "the munchies", and other experiences similar to Delta-9 THC. 

How Long Do The Effects Last?

If you are using a vaporizer, you can expect the onset effects to begin in roughly six minutes, although this can vary from person-to-person. However, once the effects have appeared, they can last up to five hours. The peak of the effects fit in a wide range from 30 minutes up to two and a half hours.

  • Onset: 6 Minutes
  • Lasts: Up to 5 Hours
  • Peak: 30 Minutes to 2.5 Hours

Will You Fail A Drug Test?

Will You Fail A Drug Test

Yes, you will fail a drug test since Delta-8 is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is a psychoactive compound that is a variation of Delta-9, therefore you can expect to fail a drug test. Something else to keep in mind is that there are some pain management clinics that are now also asking if you use Delta-8-THC, and if so, may refuse their services.

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